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The Upanishad band was created on the begin of 2000 by the first formation, composed by Vanni Raul Bagaladi (Voice and guitar), Lapo Zini (Drums), Filippo Tatini (Guitar), Martina Biagi (Bass). Around 2006, Martina Biagi leave the band and Niccolò Ridi take her place, bringing Upanishad to a new style, more oriented to a crossover and progressive rock approach. The new formation create new original material, finding the approval of the audience, and reaching more and more important stages (Flog, Cencio's, Tenax, Keller's, Cpa, Next Emerson, ecc..) and taking part of the most important national and local contest, gaining good results and some prices. Upanishad also win a professional recording, and another 3 song Ep comes out, that reach the city radios (Novaradio, Controradio) to be interviewed. Thanks to that they start to perform all around the country (Roma, Milano, Torino, Perugia, ecc..). A lot of blogs and fanzines begins to publish good overviews, presenting the band as an original quality and power project. During 2010 they decide to record a real album with the money from the concerts, but during the recording phase, Niccolò Ridi and Filippo Tatini leave the band. For two years Upanishad stopped any kind of activity, until 2012, when Vanni Raul Bagaladi and Lapo Zini decide to bring the project back to life, finding the new bass player Mirko Bazzocchi. The new formation starts to compose brand new stuff, with a different style, more mature, more complex, more psychedelic. The new project get the attention of the Boomker Sound Studio that decide to sustain the band producing a live record 2015, and helping them to find some concert even in small music festivals. Borns a partnership between the studio and the band, that will bring to a real production for the recording of a first album at the end of 2017 that will be released at the begin of 2019. After a year of good reviews from magazines and the crowd, the band decided to record a new album at the end of 2020, ready to be published on 2022.